Job Shadowing Reflection

I would like to thank Melanie Eggleston for letting me job shadow her. She helped me so much by showing me all the impotant things you need to know in order to be an event planner. I feel that she made me more excited to do what I want to do when I get older. I want to become a wedding planner because i think it’s a big part of many woman’s lives. I want to be there to make their big day truly special and memorable. She explained to me how important it is to be organized, keep customers up to date on everything thats going on with their event, and be able to communicate well. I think the way she explained everything to me she made it all relate to wedding planning which was very helpful. She let me listen in on a business call with one of their top customers and she handled all the problems that occured very well and calmly. She also let me put an event into their system so I knew how everything was organized. For my presentation, I believe it all went well and it met all of the neccesary qualifications. I was able to answer a few questions on my project and i think my classmates found my project interesting. We also had to make a resume, cover letter, and thank you letter. I didnt have that much experience so that spot was very short but as I get older and work in different places I  can add them to my resume. I feel making these helped us better prepare for the future. I made a screencast so the class had to watch my video which was about 4 minutes long. After job shadowing and making our resumes I feel a lot more confident going into the future even after high school. I am very thankful we got the chance to go through these things that will help us in our future.

Mock Interview Reflection

  • I felt like pretending to be the employer helped me better prepare to be the person being interviewed.
  • It was pretty easy for me to be able to answer the questions the employer asked me because you just need to tell them your strengths.
  • I thought that the responses I made were good and they made myself become more confident. Also I think I tried my best and maybe should make a little more eye contact. I found it easy to answer what hobbies or activity interests I have because I got to talk about things I love. The most difficult question was probably what my weaknesses are because I don’t really know what my weaknesses are  until I actually experience it.
  • Some advice I would give someone doing a mock interview or a real interview is to keep good eye contact, tell them your strengths and tell them how any hobbies or activities can connect with teamwork or working at a fast pace. I think to help myself in an interview I should talk about how well organized I am and how I can help improve their company.
  • I have previously been to an interview and it went very well. I gave the manager a handshake, I made good eye contact, and I was very positive and I wasn’t too shy. They seemed to really like me and he told me all of my responses were great. I dressed somewhat nice because you want to look well put together and like you are organized. I think you should behave positive throughout the whole interview and after thank them for their time.
  • I believe this was a great experience to have and it is definitely something big you need in life. Everyone will need this skill for their future so I think its good that we were able to practice before going to a real interview. This would be a great activity to do next year.

Current News: Joliet Crash

3 days ago, April 27th, there was a deadly crash in Joliet, Illinois. The crash was located on an intersection between Route 59 and Lockport Street. It involved a motorcyclist and a padestrian who were both killed. The padestrian was pronounced dead at the scene. On the other hand, the motorcyclist, named Sean Fitzpatrick, was immediately rushed to Saint Joseph Medical Center. He was 27 years old which is very young to be in such a bad crash. He was pronounced dead at 12:39 a.m. The morning of April 28th. The family of the pedestrian is pending the release of his/her name. Both families are in sorrow over the death of their loved ones. The scene of the crash is remaining closed while members of the Plainfield Police Crash Reconstruction Unit investigate and gather information about the crash. Many witnesses say the pedestrian was badly hit and that’s the reasoning for the immediate death. The motorcycle was also badly damaged, meaning the motorcyclist was going at a very fast pace. Most people believe all cars or motorcycles will yield for them but the truth is that padestrians should also be watching out for all motor vehicles to be sure they are safe to cross.

Childhood Games

When I was little I used to play so many different games with my friends and family. At most of my family parties we would play games and my aunts and cousins would always make us laugh. I loved playing pictonary with them.We all had such crazy minds that we would make each other laugh so hard! My friends and I would always play ghost in the graveyard in the summer and it was always so much fun! We also used to play LIFE. That was one of my favorite board games as a kid. I also loved to do puzzles and i had so many puzzles as a little girl. I always liked to draw and paint. I liked drawing with chalk on my driveway. When my friends would come over we would play hide and seek all the time and there were so many places to hide in my house. In the summer I would always swim in the pool and it was always so fun with all my friends. We would play sharks and minnos and marco polo. My birthday’s in the summer and every year we would always play fun games on my birthday. To this day I play some of the games that I did as a child.

60 Second Shakespeare

My Engligh class read the play “The Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare and analyzed the scenes and acts. We were put into groups of 5-6 people and we were given an act that we had to make a 60 second skit for. We got Act 4 scene 1-3 and we had a total of 7 characters. I had one part and I played Malvolio. the first scene we were assigned was about Sebastian and Sir Andrew Aguecheek having a duel. The duel started with Sir Andrew Aguecheek hitting Sebaqstian but was soon broken up by Olivia, because she thought Sebastian was Cesario, his sister pretending to be a man. In scene 2 Maria made the fool dress in a preist costume to “take the devil out of Malvolio” and they enjoyed a good laugh. In scene 3 Sebastian is confused why Olivia wants him to marry her. He believes she has a very well put together home and agrees with marrying her. She believes that he is Cesario but he doesn’t know who that is. When we performed this Act we were slightly nervous but everything went well for the most part. We all spoke loudly and faced the audience. However, we didn’t make much eye contact with the audience. We also didn’t act anything out much which wasn’t to good. I think next year some improvements need to be made on the set up on the paper. It was slightly difficult to come up with things to say  with the order the characters were in. Also give us more time to practice for it. Overall i think our 60 Second Shakespeare went well.

Proper Commenting Tips

  • When commenting make sure you make a personal connection to their post
  • Show them you’re interested in their topic
  • If it’s a discussion with different sides, show which side you agree with
  • give them tips on how to improve their post
  • tell them what you liked about their posts
  • Don’t give them short answers
  • Don’t be rude

PLAN Test Experience

This Tuesday all Sophomores took the PLAN Test. The four subjects we were tested on were English, Reading, Math & Science. We were separated in alphabetical order by last name. In my room the teacher was Mrs. Maslowski. She did a very good job explaining everything so we felt comfortable. In the room there were some people who’s last names started with f & g. For each test we got different amounts of time to finish the tests in depending on how many questions there were. I finished all the tests but the reading test I cut the time close because reading the passages took a lot longer than answering the questions. I thought the hardest one was Math because some of the problems were harder for me to do. I thought English was the easiest because during my English class we got to practice many times. I think overall I did well on my PLAN test.

Black History Month: Favorite Black Couple


In honor of Black History Month I’m choosing to write about my favorite black couple. They are a very inspirational couple. They are successful, strong, and have a great bond. First off Beyonce is a stunning woman. She has a flawless face, amazing body, and she is a sweetheart. She has always been one of my biggest role models because she is an amazing singer and she has a kind heart. Jay-Z is also a great man. he is a great rapper and he is also down to earth. He takes care of his wife and their child. They are a great couple and they definately deserve to be recognized during Black History Month.

Valentine’s Day

During Valentines Day every year, people think its all about buying presents for someone they love. Everything is pink and red, fluffy and sweet, but nobody remembers the real reason we celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s really about when a man named  Saint Valentine healed the daughter of his jailer but they still executed him. The day of his execution he wrote a letter to the daughter and signed it “Your Valentine”. Ever since then, the day of is execution was considered the day his love for the daughter died, along with him. During the middle ages the day changed to more of a romantic day and they forgot all about Saint Valentine. So remember when you are handing the person you love candies and flowers, remember you are celebrating someone’s execution. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Does Social Media Affect Teens Body Image?

In recent discussions of teen body images due to social media, a controversial issue has been whether social media effects teens or doesn’t affect teens.  On the one hand, some argue that social media doesn’t affect teens body image.  From this perspective, people feel that teens aren’t being affected by social media. On the other hand, however, others argue that teens are feeling depressed because they don’t have the ideal body image.  In the words of one of this view’s main supporters, “Teens are trying to fit in by trying to be the body image of someone in a magazine” (Roxby 1).  According to this view, teens are trying to lose weight or eat less to achieve their ideal body image.  In sum, then, the issue is whether social media makes teens more self-conscious or how social media can help teens.  My own view is that social media is lowering teens self-esteem.  Though I concede that tees can be positively affected by social media, I still maintain that social media can bring teens self-esteem down. For example, many tens feel that they need to look like the people in magazines.  Although some might object that social media isn’t hurting teens, I reply that teens use models in magazines as their role models. The issue is important because teens need to feel more comfortable in their own bodies.

Do you believe that social media is negatively  affecting teens body image?

How do you think social media can be good for teens?